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Ep. 16 If you feel at this moment exhausted or anxious about the future or maybe a bit depressed and you want to avoid burnout (or maybe heal from one) then you are at the right place! I have gathered for all my listeners the best tips from my own experience and that of all the guests I interviewed in 2020 for you. The first 5 are: 1. Overrate your sleep, 2. Avoid alcohol before sleeping and drink less coffee (but the best is to stop at all),
3. Learn a breathing technique to help you recover and to relax,
4. Engage in physical activity every day and 5. Meditate.
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Ep. 15 Monica started practicing Yoga more than 20 years ago to cope with the suicide of a dear family member and it became rapidly her best way to deal not only with sadness, anger and disappointment but also with stress. She explains to us why Yoga is much more than postures and how these are intricate related to the mind and the breath. As she puts it: if you can control your breath, you will control your mind. She gives online lessons The practice of Yoga is a invaluable tool we need to survive and escape from the burnout society. So if you wanted to hear from an expert why Yoga is good for everybody then listen to this episode. Monica’s lessons can be followed here: (although her blog is in Spanish, she can give lessons in English, send her a message)

Ep. 14 If you ever asked yourself why meditation could be good for you and how it could change your life then you have to listen to Karen Newell and Eben Alexander. This couple could represent the complementarity between science and spirituality. KAREN NEWELL Is an author and specialist in personal development with a diverse body of work that rests upon the foundation of heart-centered consciousness. She is an innovator in the field of brainwave entrainment audio meditation. She is co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, and co-author with Eben Alexander III, M.D. of Living in a Mindful Universe
EBEN ALEXANDER III, M.D. Was an academic neurosurgeon for over 25 years. A pioneering scientist and modern thought leader with a passionate interest in physics and cosmology, he is the author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Proof of Heaven, The Map of Heaven and Living in a Mindful Universe. Eben had a near death experience (NDE) in 2008 after being deadly ill for more than a week. This event changed his life for ever and the vision he had about science (read his book Proof of Heaven. A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife if you want to know more). Discover in this episode how to start meditating, what it will do for you and enter the world that unites science with spirituality. Do you want to start meditating TODAY? Visit Sacred Acoustics:
If you want to know more about Karen and Eben check these links: or  – a free online workshop and companion to their book, Living in a Mindful Universe. If you want to follow the FREE webinars they give visit  These are  free biweekly webinars with Eben, Karen and special guests, to support everyone during the Covid crisis

episode 13

Ep. 13 Have you ever heard about Burnout Hero? This unknown hero started his podcast (in Spanish) for about the same reason I did. He suffered a burnout and after his recovery he returned from the ashes to help others with free counseling to overcome burnout and to help them deal with their own PM (Professional Me). In his podcast he explains some techniques to learn enjoy work environment and its challenges.

Ep. 12 Did you know that according to recent research the amount of stressed people has increased to almost half of the population (over 18 years old) in the United States of North America?
In the Netherlands it is calculated that about 4 million people suffer from chronic stress.
In Mexico, the numbers are increasing fast and the National Institute of Psychiatry has declared that 40% of adults are coping with chronic stress. This are the numbers I share with you in this episode. This has become alarming since COVID-19 might have made things worse. This, according to a newspaper article published on September 18th this year by Het Parool newspaper in the Netherlands. I was interviewed and part of my story is explained.

Ep. 11 How is it possible that we get trapped in our work environment and become workaholics? Why don’t we stop before it is too late so we won’t pay the consequences? What are the signs your work has taken control over you? Natalia was a woman working as a consultant in a top position. Her life was her work until her body decided that things had to change…drastically. She not only suffered a burnout she also suffered an accident that took her speech. After 2 years of rehabilitation she started her own coaching program for women. 

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