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“Escape from the Burnout Society is more than a podcast. It is a secret wish many have.”

Gabriela Guzmán Sanabria, host of EFBS podcast

I have lived in several cities like Mexico City and Amsterdam and I have observed that everyone’s deep desires are about the same values: connection, belonging, recognition, and love (of course, health can be on the list too although it is not a value).
All we learn in our lives and all the resources we have, can be used to feed those needs. If we fail to understand what motivates us and makes us happy we will eventually meet the Burnout Society and its detrimental effects. The Burnout Society is the place where we lose ourselves to become a construct of ourselves. The construct our postindustrial society has created and where nobody wants to live because of the lack of connection and meaning. The good news is: we can change the Burnout Society because we are part of it.

This podcast is the place where I can be who I like to be and where I can create, learn, connect, inform and maybe even help people to stay healthy.
I am an enthusiastic communicator, podcaster, graphic designer, running instructor and passionate sportswoman. I was born in Mexico and live many years in The Netherlands. I studied Graphic and Typographic Design, then I studied Communication Science and parallel to these I got also a certificate as a running instructor. Running and teaching others to run is another passion for me.
If you really want to know more about what I do for a living check my LinkedIn profile.

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