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EP. 33 S2 Christopher Lee Maher, former Navy SEAL transformed his broken body with True Body Intelligence. Escape From the Burnout Society

During this conversation Christopher talks about how after his career as a Navy SEAL he had to heal his broken body and change his mentality that had been so useful for him until then. This Navy SEAL mindset was working against him to recover from injuries and pain. He first became dependant on different kinds of healing practitioners but then decided to learn how to heal himself and for this reason he dedicated years of his life to study. He studied at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and Yo San University where he learned Traditional Chinese Medical Practices and Western science and pathology. He has spent the last decade studying at The Universal Healing Tao System and is a Master student of Grand Master Mantak Chia at the Universal Tao Master School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He is currently pursuing his masters and doctoral degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine. From his own relentless search to evolve and heal himself, he now innately understands the correlation between the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a being. His knowledge and experience led him to develop a comprehensive system of total physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and integration: the True Body Intelligence technology. According to Chris there is no other method like this on the planet. He assures that is the first time people can learn how to cure themselves with an approach that encompasses all systems that contribute to the health of an human being (mind, nervous system, energy, etc). Chris is the author of the book “Free For Life, A US Navy SEAL's Unique Path to Inner Freedom and Outer Peace,” which is a story of survival and an outline of how people can develop physical and mental tools to break free from a lifetime of unresolved stress. For more information about Christopher please visit: Follow him on social media: Instagram: #truebodyintelligence YouTube Channel: @truebodyintelligence8001 Facebook: @truebodyintelligence — Send in a voice message:
  1. EP. 33 S2 Christopher Lee Maher, former Navy SEAL transformed his broken body with True Body Intelligence.
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  3. EP. 31 Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh: an honest conversation with a doctor that gained financial literacy to escape from debt.
  4. Ep.30 Ishtar Howell: Talk with an experienced Ascension Meditation teacher. Meditation can be easy, simple, effortless and of course, enjoyable.
  5. Ep.29 Francisco Valentín (Part 2/2) Reading of two of The Transcripts
  6. Ep.28 Francisco Valentín (Part 1/2). Narration of a Near Death Experience that started a new way of living. In search of truth.
  7. Ep.27 S2 Dr. Simon Maltais: An open-hearted converstaion with a cardiac surgeon about healthcare workers, their high levels of stress and burnout.

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