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Ep.32 S2. How Suzanne Monroe escaped from the Burnout Society and founded an international community of holistic coaches Escape From the Burnout Society

Suzanne Monroe had a high demanding corporate job that didn’t align with her personal beliefs, and this led her to experience a career burnout. In this stage of her life, she found herself helping a close loved one with a health crisis that traditional medicine would not be able to heal. She then poured herself into researching, reading, and ultimately helping her loved one turn the corner towards healing, sparking her passion for wellness and inspiring her to leave corporate America and traditional healthcare behind her. In this conversation Suzanne explains us how she got her wake up call and exchanged the known and trusted path she was following for the rather new and unknown path that led her to her real passion. She gives good advice on how to improve our health in an holistic way and also explains why many times people with a burnout get "band-aid" solutions and never get to the real root of a burnout. You might be also interested in this conversation if you are interested in following your passion to help others to overcome burnout and other health issues.  Suzanne is the Founder of The International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP), where she is also de Director of the Holistic Wellness Coach Certification and Training Program, and author of the book Live Well Dream Big: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Your Best Self & Living Life on Your Own Terms. She is also the host of the podcast Live Well Dream Big. For more information about Suzanne go to:  or follow her on Instagram #theIAWP Facebook (@InternationalAssociationOfWellnessProfessionals), YouTube (The International Association of Wellness Professionals) and her podcast Live Well Dream Big — Send in a voice message:
  1. Ep.32 S2. How Suzanne Monroe escaped from the Burnout Society and founded an international community of holistic coaches
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