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Ep.36 S3 Meiyoko Taylor: About people pleasers and the art of saying YES to yourself. Escape From the Burnout Society

Meiyoko has spent over a decade as a transformative life coach, empowering business professionals, public figures, and entrepreneurs. He is also a two-time best-selling author and an inspiring speaker. Having personally faced the challenges of anxiety, depression, and burnout, Meiyoko understands the struggle of leading a seemingly successful life that's falling apart behind the scenes. Once a chronic "people pleaser" who found it difficult to say 'no,' he has now turned his life around. Today, Meiyoko is dedicated to helping others achieve true fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives by mastering the art of saying 'YES' to themselves. In this interview, he delves into the traits of people pleasers, the reasons they burn out, and the transformative journey to change these patterns. Meiyoko also shares his insights on fatherhood and burnout, revealing how his child has inspired his personal growth and the expansion of his coaching business. Don't forget to take the quiz on his website to find out if you are a people pleaser. For more information check: @meiyokotaylor — Send in a voice message:
  1. Ep.36 S3 Meiyoko Taylor: About people pleasers and the art of saying YES to yourself.
  2. Ep. 35 S3 Etienne Peirsman Cranio Sacral healer and the No Mind State
  3. Ep.34 S2 Stacy Conte about The Mothers Pathway: How mothers can thrive and survive the Burnout Society
  4. EP. 33 S2 Christopher Lee Maher, former Navy SEAL transformed his broken body with True Body Intelligence.
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  6. EP. 31 Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh: an honest conversation with a doctor that gained financial literacy to escape from debt.
  7. Ep.30 Ishtar Howell: Talk with an experienced Ascension Meditation teacher. Meditation can be easy, simple, effortless and of course, enjoyable.

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  • Jerome Wehrens, Breathwork Trainer owner of B-MInd
  • Photo of Martine van den Dool, Psychologist and Trainer
  • Photo Monica Peon Barriga
  • Log Burnout Hero
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  • Photo Kristiaan bij de Vaate EFBS

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