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Ep.30 Ishtar Howell: Talk with an experienced Ascension Meditation teacher. Meditation can be easy, simple, effortless and of course, enjoyable. Escape From the Burnout Society

Before describing how easy and enjoyable Ascension Meditation is, Ishtar takes us first to his early peculiar childhood where he naturally seemed to be able to experience other realms of our reality. Then he narrates how he, in a car accident, lost his beloved mom and experienced his most profound awakening moment during his Near-Death Experience. His whole life flashed before his eyes giving him a complete different perspective on what our earthly experience is about. He says: "Each and every experience of my life was seen in perfect detail, along with a thorough knowledge of every time I had a made a choice from fear, limitation, or conditioning. As I experienced those moments, they were completely forgiven, replaced instead with a sense of wholeness and love. All of my fears and tensions vanished in a sudden instant, and a sublime peace washed over me" This experience stayed with him throughout his entire life and would be the powering energy to find ways to go back to this place of silence, peace and unity with the whole. It became the reason to try many techniques and strict routines from a very young age. When he was 17, he began a regimen of meditation practices and ascetic disciplines that included waking to cold showers at 3 AM, fasting, and 6 hours of daily meditation practice. All this was unsustainable. A bit later he would learn a meditation technique that is called Ishayas' Ascencion what was too good to be truth (and easy to practice). He decided to become a teacher what he achieved after a very intensive teacher training which was a 6-month program, that involved around 12 hours of closed eyed meditation a day. He began teaching classes around the world and living in various regional meditation centers like Hong Kong, Finland, Switzerland, and Michigan. Ascension is a series of easy, effective, and effortless meditation techniques based on Praise, Gratitude, and Love, that allow us to relax deeply into the most expansive strata of consciousness: Presence, Being, Pure Awareness. Ascension is simply a wonderful way of relaxing into deep physical rest, lucid mental clarity, and a healing and transformational sense of peace. It is a very easy to learn meditation that ANYONE with or without meditation experience can learn. If you are interested to learn Ascension Meditation visit Ishtar's website: Online courses are given regularly. Ishtar´s website for astrological readings is — Send in a voice message:
  1. Ep.30 Ishtar Howell: Talk with an experienced Ascension Meditation teacher. Meditation can be easy, simple, effortless and of course, enjoyable.
  2. Ep.29 Francisco Valentín (Part 2/2) Reading of two of The Transcripts
  3. Ep.28 Francisco Valentín (Part 1/2). Narration of a Near Death Experience that started a new way of living. In search of truth.
  4. Ep.27 S2 Dr. Simon Maltais: An open-hearted converstaion with a cardiac surgeon about healthcare workers, their high levels of stress and burnout.
  5. Ep.26 Interview with Julia Arndt. How making the wrong choices will lead you to burnout even in great work enviroments
  6. Ep.25 Mind over Matter. How Anouk Bindels (Psychologist) cured herself from emotional, physical and mental exhaution and cancer.
  7. Ep.24 Mindfulness. Why it is not only a hype. Interview with Kristiaan bij de Vaate, Psychologist, Coach Counselor Mindfulness and Self-compassion Trainer.

Some of my guests have been:

  • Jerome Wehrens, Breathwork Trainer owner of B-MInd
  • Photo of Martine van den Dool, Psychologist and Trainer
  • Photo Monica Peon Barriga
  • Log Burnout Hero
  • Photo EFBS with Chrissi Long
  • Photo Kristiaan bij de Vaate EFBS

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