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EP. 31 Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh: an honest conversation with a doctor that gained financial literacy to escape from debt. Escape From the Burnout Society

Have you ever wondered how to gain financial literacy when you are so busy trying to make ends meet every month? The truth is that MONEY is one of the MOST COMMON STRESS FACTORS in the Burnout Society. We work over hours to pay the bills and if possible, to have quality time with ourselves, friends, and family. This conversation is about NOT DOING  WHAT EVERYONE DOES. It is about creating financial independence, about investing on a way out of the rat race. In this honest and brave conversation Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh explains how she was once lost in a serious financial crisis when she couldn't pay her student loans and how she and her husband made a plan and the commitment to change that forever. She explains how she, next to her busy job, gained knowledge about finance. Her plan led her to a whole new way of living and discovered opportunities where most people wouldn't. She also gives us easy to follow advice so we can take the first steps out of debt and create a life with more financial independence in our own temrs.  About Dr. Gainsbrugh Rachel was born in Haiti with a drive to make a difference and not take her parents' sacrifices for granted. She was raised in Miami, worked hard, became a doctor and was left with over $500K in student loans. So, she grinded hard to pay off her loans. When she found AirBNB investing, it became a game-changer for her where she was able to make 15X on short-term real estate rentals over long-term rentals. Now, she’s a healthcare professional by day and a rental investor by night. She’s the owner and manager of 18 luxury short-term rentals with a lucrative cash-flowing rental portfolio, mom, wife and real estate coach that was recently featured on a Netflix TV show showcasing one of her luxury rentals. For more information about Rachel's courses visit: — Send in a voice message:
  1. EP. 31 Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh: an honest conversation with a doctor that gained financial literacy to escape from debt.
  2. Ep.30 Ishtar Howell: Talk with an experienced Ascension Meditation teacher. Meditation can be easy, simple, effortless and of course, enjoyable.
  3. Ep.29 Francisco Valentín (Part 2/2) Reading of two of The Transcripts
  4. Ep.28 Francisco Valentín (Part 1/2). Narration of a Near Death Experience that started a new way of living. In search of truth.
  5. Ep.27 S2 Dr. Simon Maltais: An open-hearted converstaion with a cardiac surgeon about healthcare workers, their high levels of stress and burnout.
  6. Ep.26 Interview with Julia Arndt. How making the wrong choices will lead you to burnout even in great work enviroments
  7. Ep.25 Mind over Matter. How Anouk Bindels (Psychologist) cured herself from emotional, physical and mental exhaution and cancer.

Some of my guests have been:

  • Jerome Wehrens, Breathwork Trainer owner of B-MInd
  • Photo of Martine van den Dool, Psychologist and Trainer
  • Photo Monica Peon Barriga
  • Log Burnout Hero
  • Photo EFBS with Chrissi Long
  • Photo Kristiaan bij de Vaate EFBS

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