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Ep. 26 Interview with Julia Arndt. How making the wrong choices will lead you to burnout even in great work enviroments Escape From the Burnout Society

Julia Arndt is a stress management trainer, international speaker and the creator of the Peak Performance Method (PPM) focusing on peak performance habits, stress management tools and mindset strategies. Julia was born in Germany. She had a busy kind of lifestyle that had seemed like a dream while working for Google but her lifestyle was taking a toll on many aspects of her life. She worked long hours, drove long distances and after too many cups of coffee later, Julia found herself experiencing burnout. She wants to share her story to help others learn what she wishes she had known at the beginning of her career. She talks about her method to prevent burnout and how to understand how we boycott ourselves with limiting beliefs. She is writer of the  book: Winning Mindset: Elite Strategies for Peak Performance Combining her extensive business background working in various roles inspire Julia is now helping professionals in high-pressure environments to rethink their lifestyle and bring long-lasting transformations. Find  more information about Julia, her method, book and courses at — Send in a voice message:
  1. Ep. 26 Interview with Julia Arndt. How making the wrong choices will lead you to burnout even in great work enviroments
  2. Ep.25 Mind over Matter. How Anouk Bindels (Psychologist) cured herself from emotional, physical and mental exhaution and cancer.
  3. Ep.24 Mindfulness. Why it is not only a hype. Interview with Kristiaan bij de Vaate, Psychologist, Coach Counselor Mindfulness and Self-compassion Trainer.
  4. EP. 23 Fear is our worst enemy. Interview with Anders Bolling ex-journalist, writer and podcaster. The media portraits a world that makes us afraid, but it is a better place than we believe.
  5. Ep. 22 Interview with Ilse de la Cruz. Everybody has talents, discovering and using them will make you enjoy more not only your job but your life in general.
  6. Ep.21 Interview with Ingrid Honkala Phd. How a successful scientist became a Light Worker. Why we get burned out and how to avoid it from the spiritual point of view.
  7. Ep. 20 (First) Interview with Martine van den Dool (Psychologist, Coach and Trainer). Her experience with burnout and what it brought to her.

Some of my guests have been:

  • Jerome Wehrens, Breathwork Trainer owner of B-MInd
  • Photo of Martine van den Dool, Psychologist and Trainer
  • Photo Monica Peon Barriga
  • Log Burnout Hero
  • Photo EFBS with Chrissi Long
  • Photo Kristiaan bij de Vaate EFBS

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